The Heavenly Virus - 9 New Songs

The Heavenly Virus
1 - Selected Aeroplanes Nudging North-East
2 - The Secret Of The Stone Dead Clown
3 - Fantastic Vibes
4 - Groce
5 - The Return Of The Pain Grocer
6 - Sixty-Seven Bears
7 - Pain And Susan
8 - The Night That Jeremy Flied
9 - Baby's Blue Gauntlet
Session Date: October 2009
Recording Gear: Zoom H4 digital fourtrack, PC with Audacity Music Gear: Takamine acoustic guitar, Ibanez electric guitar, Faridah Western guitar, Vox AD15VT amp
I'm in daytime treatment therapy, and making and recording music is one of my therapeutic assignments. So here you go.
Lyrics: Not this time. Too much work.


New Toss-Off Song and Fragments of Band Session

Song: October Sun and Fragments of The Lost Ingredients' First Session

Session Date: May 2nd 2009; a Tuesday-night in April

Recording Gear: Zoom H4 digital fourtrack, Audacity

Music Gear: Farida D-10E steelstring; Ibanez electric guitar

I have some serious inhibitions concerning musical creativity. To get me started once again I recorded this toss-off song. The other mp3 is more than a full minute of fragments of two songs we're working on with my new band, The Lost Ingredients. The band might not survive very long, which makes the material even rarer. The songs are in an embryonic phase.

Lyrics: Said I'm sorry that I even exist / You're the golden goal I shouldn't have missed / I'm so worried that I might be a mouse / I have left behind those wonderful vows / I am scared of the sun / I can hardly be one / I'm intelligent or so it appears / I'm a giant in an ocean of fears / Pick your number and be gone for a week / For the next eleven years I won't speak / I'm so sober anew / Oh, October sun do / Shine on


Four New Songs: The Firstfruits Of My New Zoom H4 Digital Fourtrack


1) Without A Warning
2) When You Move Into The Void
3) Painfully Missing From The Floor
4) Won't You Tell Me Your Name

Log: Recorded on my new Zoom H4 digital fourtrack. Edited in Audacity.


[Without A Warning] Seasons change / Without a warning / They return / Attacking your mind / Golden cage / For terrible darling / I must walk / 'Till I'm in a coma / I must work / Until I'm defied / I must talk / Until I am / Swept away by the Final Day
[When You Move Into The Void] I / Am looking for ways to get hold of / The time that expires when you / Move into the void / And you leave me paranoid / High above the skies / Counting the days while I'm looking for ways to ignore you / 'Cause I ain't true / Terrible days in which voices are raised in the morning / And I can't get out / Rolling away with the prizes they pay in the morning / Just to be alive / I cannot say / I cannot say who I am now / But Im alive
[Painfully Missing From the Floor] She said there was no / Other way to take it / Bad news from hell / She could take it well / She was planning to leave anyway / And I watched her big head / Her beautiful big head / And I still heard what she'd said / When she was finally gone / And I had to check on her work / She'd / Been a pin-up / But now she was / Painfully / Missing from the / Floor
[Won't You Tell Me Your Name] Tomorrow / I'm gonna be a better man /My sorrows / Are gonna have to face my plan / I'm broken / I'm shattered and I'm left behind / I will need some time to heal / This is how I'm gonna feel / Ain't it right to wait for the morning / I'm gonna make a last appeal / Fly to the ceiling of the moon / This is how I'm gonna... / Hey, I ain't gonna climb my way up to the heavens / You have to let me in for your own sake / Everything I make is tumbling down / I ain't never gonna wear no crown / You gotta believe me / I gotta believe you / Wow, and I know your life and truth / Won't you tell me your name?


Experimental and romantically desperate: fourteen and a half glorious minutes: 'Into The House Of Solid Souls'

Album: Into The House Of Solid Souls
Songs: 1. Old And Buried In Sorrows; 2. Naked In The Sea; 3. Messy Mezzo; 4. Into The House Of Solid Souls; 5. He Fell In Love With A Patient Whore; 6. A Welcome Song For Little Sunshine; 7. The Messianic Age; 8. For A Good War, You Can Wake Me Up In The Middle Of The Night; 9. Never Been No Hiker; 10. Good Morning Crocodile
Session Date: The recording of #5 dates from Dec. 2007; that of #6 from April 2008. All other songs except #8 (which was recorded around May or perhaps June 2008) were first recorded on fourtrack around June or perhaps July 2008. I edited and mixed all songs in October 2008. The process took a couple of weeks, with intervals of course.
Recording Gear: Fostex fourtrack; cheap dynamic mic or semi-SM58 mic, can't remember; Audacity; headset-mic
Music Gear: Takamine acoustic guitar; Casio SA-1 keyboard
Log: This was mostly a project of fourtrack-songs that I'd left, but have tried to revive with excessive digital editing. I took a couple of strange runaway songs on board as well. Jeroen Breebaart saved my ass once again with his brilliant plugins.
Lyrics: [1. Old And Buried In Sorrows] I never thought I would be here / Amazed and bewildered / I now that you /Can disappear and suddenly strike me / Intrinsically mild / But like fire / That burns to make sacred / You've made me your child / Take away / The greed and the hatred / Oh, oh / I never thought I'd be so old / And buried in sorrows / I try to find instant delight / Like there's no tomorrow / Hurried and wild / I'm on fire / Blow out like a candle /
You've made me your child / For you I can't / Be too hard to handle [2. Naked In The Sea] Naked in the sea / Stung by a sacred bee / Leafs whisper goodbye / 'Don't you even try / To die / Unsaved' [3. Messy Mezzo] [4. Into The House Of Solid Souls] Into the house of solid souls / Swim in a bath of burning coals / I close my eyes in disbelief / Enclosed in a garden filled with grief / And I'm afraid my life has ended / I have com here to just let go / I'm haunted by your love offended / I could just shake my feet / I know / Shrunken back and disarranged / I just wish that nothing'd ever changed / You are real and you can laugh / Don't know how to lose all that I have / And I'm afraid my life has ended / I have com here to just let go / I'm haunted by your love offended / I could just shake my feet / I know [5. He Fell In Love With A Patient Whore] Ooh, not a trace of delight / And the face of [sorrow] shining bright / Scorched heights of [hell] with the flags of the sweet / [Sunbird] burnt down to swart / Swallow and wag / Manhandled and put in a bag / Oh, the sun ain't shining no more / He fell in love with a patient [whore] / Oh, with a patient whore [6. A Welcome Song For Little Sunshine] Wake up / Little sunshine / The world's been dark / For such a long time / You are welcome / Welcome in our home / Little sunshine / Little sunshine won't you come / Won't you come? [7. The Messianic Age] Won't let down my hope / For the messianic age / Life that I can't grope / Like a torn out final page / I'm a man / Filled with blood / And I can / Talk to God / Searching for the start / With the finish far behind / Brainboard full of darts / There's a multitude of signs / I can't miss / My last train / Here them hiss / Fear and pain / I shouldn't fear / But I do / Shouldn't look back / But I do / Shouldn't look down / But I do / Training me again / For the road that lies ahead / Unexpected friends / Make me feel I'm not dead yet / I'm alive / But I'm bruised / Life or death / I can't chose / I shouldn't fear / But I do / Shouldn't look back / But I do / Shouldn't look down / But I do [8. For A Good War, You Can Wake Me Up In The Middle Of The Night] Shadows're gonna stone me / Truly I don't know how to reverse my skin / Bable boy gone to the shore / To dance in the moonlight with the wolves / Oh, how cruel / Is that ego on top / For the ego on wheels / [Drop me a line / Father ] / Thirsting for war / For a good, good, for a good, good, for a good, good, for a good, good war / Yeah [9. Never Been No Hiker] If this is only / A test for Meite / Gonna like me Bobby / You don't know I'm so sad / In the world I suffer / Never been no hiker / Never been no hiker.. [10. Good Morning Crocodile] Not heat / The cold sun / Empty nutrition / I bleed / Am not one / Roll me away / No hiding place for me / No sugar-coated eyes / The snowman holds me back / I've come too far / Trembling / Good morning / Crocodile belly / Mortuary / Thunderstruck ally / Good morning / Crocodile belly / Mortuary / Thunderstruck ally / Good morning Croc!


Nine-Minute Constellation of Lo-Fi Songs: 'The Fallen Hemisphere'

The Fallen Hemisphere

Session Date: Between September 20th and October 6th 2008

Recording Gear: Cheap headset-mic, PC, Audacity

Music Gear: Talamine acoustic guitar, Farida D-10E western guitar

Fed up with having to re-install my recording equipment because of a bug that has appeared ever since I moved my stuff to another room, I decided to say ^(&*$-it and just do some improvized recordings with that good ol' headset-mic. I edited the stuff in Audacity with a minimal amount of effects because even most of my plug-ins were gone after the move. Anyway, here is a nine-minute constellation of songs that I think fit the weather.

Lyrics: Hello, papa / I'm a hellhound / In love with the tides / I just wish I could recall my number / 'Cause now I have to hide / Between the sandhills /
She was standing in the doorway / Murmuring about gold / Things that I have never told her / I could only go away
Hovering just above the ground / Sergeant Impulse keeps on letting me down / Patiently keeping an eye on the bathroom-door / She might come out and slap my map to the floor ! / Drunken stars, please step to the fore / I have only heard of you tenthousand times before / If you hover black between black between twinkle Jack specks / Drunken stars, please.. / Please, step to the fore..
You said be silent / But silent was the last thing that I could be / Escape to the city with a bag full of garlic in our bones / Rise up full moon / With the flickering of bloodstained teeth below / You said / I want it to be slow and special / Like an evil snail
If I could never cherish you / I would go back / And try to dig up the truth / Holding you and me aloof / We walked a pretty while together / You were naked / And I was all alone / Terrorized by inner drones / And if you'd rather be / Untied and free / Why don't you eat your pain / Take it all and all away / And if you are / Superfar / I thought that we could be best friends / But I didn't / Know about your withered hand / Buried in a rental tent / I choked below the yellow ceiling / She was smoking / Smoking under silver skies / Exploded into distant cries / And if you'd
rather be / Untied and free / Why don't you eat your pain / Take it all and all away / And if you are / Superfar / Away from the enemy / Take the enemy away


Newsflash: Gig on August the 1st in Joure!

What & Where?!
Yes! U is gonna gig once more. Friday the 1st of August 2008 on the Street Festival of Joure. Look here for the program.

Erik Klinkhamer is going to support me on bass. We're practicing our asses off right now.

Featured will be a couple of brand new songs along with MURSB's classics like Solomon's Choice, Moonspells, Arrows of Hope, On a Monday He Stepped Out of His Grave and Went to Work, Lester, Lester, Filling Out Coordinates, Knick-Knackery Peace, The Story of the Three-Legged Horse, Only the Son, The Potatoe-Plate Midday-Break.. Stuff like that. Probably. Don't bet your money on it.

Just be there!!


'Before the Gates of Answer Flood' : 13 hitlets!


1 - Someone Who Didn't Rot Away
2 - Who Cares?
3 - Arrows of Hope
4 - Pageturner
5 - Sugar and Bones
6 - What's a Man Without Eternal Passion
7 - I Was a Happy Clown
8 - The Side-Effects of Jesus Christ
9 - Sing for the Planter of Souls
10 - Before the Gates of Answer Flood
11 - The Emptiness Cage
12 - 'Welbehagen'
13 - Time for a Release

Session Date: September and the first bit of October 2007

Recording Gear: PC using Audacity, Tascam 488 MKII used as a mixer, Behringer C-1 condensator mic, semi SM-58 mic, cheap dynamic mic

Music Gear: Takamine acoustic guitar, Yairi acoustic guitar, Squier bass, percussion stuff, toy xylophone, wind-organ

Log: This was born out of the enthusiasm of beginning something new. I wanted even shorter songs - and lo, I succeeded. With Sunblisters, I arranged the songs in chronological order of recording. Now I've arranged them strategically. It's only 12:47 minutes, but it's meant to seem much longer. There are different atmospheres here: lovely and absurd, cynical and honest.
The cover was created by Jonathan Sterkenburg (thanks pal. And thank your granddad for cooperating.)


1 - Someone Who Didn’t Rot Away /And if I dream – somebody pinch me - but I don’t feel a thing! / I’m alive with all the hazards of you /And if I cry, it’s because I can’t remember a thing / Of all the miracles that I have seen / Through the curtain / And it is certain / That we die / But hey, hey, hey! / There’s someone who didn’t rot away..

2 - Who Cares? /
Don’t say you’re sorry / When you ain’t / Don’t say: ‘Don’t worry’ / To a saint! / Don’t say anything at all when you got no message for the unrich / Are you sandwhiched? / Between hope and despair / Like everybody cares / But someone does / Yes, he does

3 - Arrows of Hope /
From the city I fled when I lost all my pets / I thought it was a joke.. / I’m a supersad guy with the moon in my eye / And I am always broke / Come to me, arrows.. / In the village of grey I am lost in today / I’d like to travel back / To the years of delight when the future shone bright / I always hit the deck / Come to me, arrows / Of hope..

4 - Pageturner / Don’t wanna hurt nobody / I’m in too much pain / I’m gonna throw a party the day it’s gonna rain / It’s gotta be stopped, and started / Someone open this cage / It’s gotta be robbed or guarded / Someone’s gonna turn the page / I am a simple fellow, all I see is blood.. / I just don’t know why I know that there’s a God / It’s gotta be stopped, and started / Someone open this cage / It’s gotta be robbed or guarded / Someone’s got to turn the page

5 - Sugar and Bones / Riding the waves of a million flies / I’m heading back to this paradise / If you feel cold or cannot sweat / I’m not so bold, I’m just a head / Carry the stones / Oh oh oh / Sugar and bones / Oh oh oh

6 - What’s a Man without Eternal Passion? / You’re extraordinary and afraid that your moment won’t last / All catastrophes in a box, always up to the test / Several sequences later you’re still on the very same spot / All exacerbates when you don’t have a passion from God

7 - I Was a Happy Clown / Rain is falling down on the highways of desire / And the sellers are so tired / Wearing heavy crowns / I have been around / For a short while and I think back / To my schooldays, oh how happy / Yes I was a happy clown

8 - The Side-Effects of Jesus Christ / I’m sick and tired of these crazy meds / They steal and lie and have no regrets / There’s only one medicine / That really works / It’s the Son of God / Who was killed by jerks / Like you and me / But can you handle the side-effects, the heavy side-effects? / Can you handle the side-effects of Jesus Christ?

9 - Sing for the Planter of Souls / With my cold head on the playground / I should just stand here, I suppose / Breathe the air that I still take for granted / If I’m broken, then it be so / I know the one who loves the most / Will never leave the souls that he has planted

10 - Before the Gates of Answer Flood / I’ve entered a new story / The tunnel of a green light / I lingered till she came with force / The night / A dozen teardrops falter / The night is endless and without / A goal / Clap in your hands, it’s appalling! / The shameless way you’re happy to exist

11 - The Emptiness Cage / I need a break here, I step to the side / With a hole in my head, and a knife in my thigh / I feel so lucky, I’m one of the few / With the problems of Mars, yes I do! / Gather together all the flocks of delight / But when you got no mustard well them dogs gonna bite! / There’s sorrow and wisdom in the eyes of a child / But the beggars and tramps have gone wild / Beggars and babies in need of our love / Prisons and parties, keep spending your time / Your time and your money, your sugar and honey / I’m with the emptiness cage!

12 - ‘Welbehagen’ / Pictures of hot chicks abound / If you feel an unclean spirit, cast it out! / All the good things that the Lord has bestowed upon us, we try to steal them away / All my petty sorrows are bizar / My cravings and my longings are at war / I want to feel like a high botherbugger but I’m really just ripping myself apart / He wants to make us feel good / He wants to make us feel good / He wants to make us feel good

13 - Time for a Release /
It’s time for a release / The stars are sighing: ‘please’.. / I’m hardly ever on my knees / I want the honey without the bees and flowers / Trepidation, yes / I hardly can believe that I’m alive / With all that’s hunting me / I hardly can believe what I can see / It’s time for a release / The stars are sighing: ‘please’..

Copyright and attribution: You are free to copy and/or share this album or the songs on it on a strictly non-commercial basis. This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0) which can be found at the following internet-address: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed-music

Cover created by Jonathan Sterkenburg. Thanks!

I used the following sound files from Freesound (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu):
By Spandau: rainoncarroof.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=40700); by sazman: 070422-cats-sample.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=34094); by sandyrb: USAT BOMB.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=35643); by Paracelsus: radio.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=32266); by ERH: Sweethearts at war.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=31645); by freesound: Bye_Bye_Claps_ses1.wav (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samplesViewSingle.php?id=25292)